Stores and opening hours

Welcome to our stores & showrooms to explore our wide range of hot tubs, to get water treatment products and accessories, or just to say hello and drink a cup of coffee with us.
In our stores we offer a relaxing and peaceful place to try out our spas. Try sitting and wet testing our spas – it’s really worth it, as it will give you the best picture about the size and massages, for example. If you would like to wet test our spas, please contact us by phone or by form! The wet testing is completely free of charge.

Vantaa store

Petikontie 6
01720 Vantaa

Mon–Fri 10–18
Sat 10–15

phone 020 7710 800

Call center

Mon–Fri 9–17
phone 020 7710 810

Sales center
Mon–Fri 10–18
Sat 10–15
phone 020 7710 800

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