Renewed Limelight spa collection!

The success of the Limelight hot tubs started in 2008 as the collection came on market. Now as the 10th anniversary the collection is completely renewed! The Limelight collection is well-known for its spectacular looks and carefully thought out details, and the 2018 collection takes the Limelight hot tubs to a whole new level.

Renewed design includes elegant horizontal paneling, new color combinations and stunning lighting both inside and outside – including a refurbished led-light that gives more information of the hot tub.

Technically the Limelight hot tubs will also rise on a new level, as in the 2018 range, each spa has an ozone generator as a standard and much more filtering power. Explore the renewed Limelight hot tubs!

HotSpring Limelight Beam -ulkoporeallas


10900 €

or 230,50 €/month

4 People 203 cm x 203 cm x 84 cm
HotSpring Limelight Flash -ulkoporeallas


13900 €

or 290,50 €/month

7 People 213 cm x 213 cm x 91 cm
HotSpring Limelight Flair -ulkoporeallas


13900 €

or 290,50 €/month

6 henkilölle 213 cm x 213 cm x 91 cm
HotSpring Limelight Pulse -ulkoporeallas


15900 €

or 330,50 €/month

7 People 226 cm x 226 cm x 97 cm
HotSpring Limelight Prism -ulkoporeallas


24900 €

or 510,50 €/month

7 People 231 cm x 280 cm x 97 cm